Who we are.


MIB Web Design & Marketing is a web design company based out of lovely Rhode Island, though we cater to customers on a global level. We pride ourselves on giving our customers personal attention: from our first meeting, consulting along the way, photo shoots, to completion. And most importantly, we are upfront, honest and truthful.


Main Team



Chief Web Developer
Michael Bobian

Michael has been working on web site design for more than a decade. Having collaborated on important projects, such as for BMW Italia, VW Italia, Škoda Italia, etc., he has gained much experience in the field of web development. He has also extensive experience in web marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). 


Head of Translation Services
Irene Baggio

Irene has worked in the field of interpreting and translation for years, having interpreted for important business reps and worked on important translation projects in the field of education, medicine, and tourism. She is perfectly Italian-English bilingual.


Web Photographer (Collaborator)
Damiano Baggio

Damiano's expertise as a web photographer has been solidified with his experience in the field of web design. His eye for capturing the perfect moment & dynamic photography reflects depth of understanding. His professionalism with his clients & subjects, both in his prep work, during the photo shoot, and post-photo work are unparalleled.